Poster graphic designed by SAMO

Poster graphic designed by SAMO

CAVE is a multimedia spatial experience, challenging the ideas and expectations of the everyday gallery setting. The artist's work to captivate viewers through diverse mediums that have the ability to challenge the value of space and confront what the public is accustomed to seeing. Using video and light as the primary platforms, the show is presented in darkness while the works illuminate themselves and help to activate the space.

CAVE was originally co-created and curated by Jak Ritger, Nicole Dube, and Samo in Spring 2012. After Jak graduated MassArt through the animation department, Bob Farrell was invited to help produce second iteration in Spring 2013.

SAMO had 3 installations active for CAVE2:
Cloner - 1 channel video projection mapped linear installation
RGB Waterfall - 3 channel monitor looping installation
No Evil - 1 Channel video projection public linear installation


CAVE graphics designed by Samo

Bob Farrell
Nicole Dube
Sam Okerstrom-Lang

Reilly Aguiar - Nick Ruhlmann - Bob Farrell

MassArt Student Life Gallery