Duplication comes in may forms. From everyday human growth and decay to microscopic structures of our land; cloning is a system of necessity in the building blocks of our existence. “Cloner” feeds off of this common process by duplicating itself over a series of sphere examinations. By scanning the surface, internal structure, and mobility of the sphere one is able to examine the evolution of singular to multiplicity.

SAMO was truly inspired by a GreyScale Gorilla graphic tutorial, cloning the technical animation achievements to intertwine with sculpture and light. This mimicking technique inspired the conceptual backing of Cloner and new form of collaboration / observation.

"Cloner" was installed at the Glitch Gallery in Charlestown, MA for their curated show Exhibit 004-Synthetic Digital Organic in May 2014

3.5' Diameter
Single Channel Video Projection
5:30 Min Linear Loop
Spring 2014