Echo is a site specific installation that SAMO was commissioned to create and install for Maryland's Pike & Rose Audio Visual Arts Festival (PRAVA) on February 7, 2015. SAMO installed vertical fabric strips mimicking the projector's throw form as a netting mechanism l to capture the depth of light allowing it to echo. The piece was activated in 3 parts, each a collaboration between SAMO and a sound artist. Each activation resonates to an ephemeral relationship between layered light, site, and sound. 

Activation 1: SAMO animated a visual score that was a response to the fabric form and perpendicular planes of the floor and large windows the sculpture crossed in the office building. SAMO collaborated with sound artist Isnard Dupoux (BLKBX) to marry a sonic composition with the visual score. This specific activation was manipulated in 4 real time occurrences by SAMO to disengage from the linear score and compose a live gesture to the space.

Activation 2: SAMO recorded on-site video of  the interior office space, neighboring construction forms, and workers. This footage was manipulated and broken into 8 different loops to be paired with site recorded and manipulated sounds by sound artist Allard van Hoorn. The activation was played back in 4 layers, each randomly choosing from the 8 loops to construct a never-ending visual-sonic score that was specific to PRAVA's location, development, and gestures.

Activation 3: SAMO animated a visual score to a pre-composed sound piece by Monte Webber titled EcoMusicSAMO's animation was activated with Monte's piece to audio react to his sound score, sounds of the guests, and the space the installation was presently in. 

PRAVA was curated and produced by Nuit Blanche New York (NBNY) in partnership with Materials & Methods

Special Thank You to Nicole Dube & Geoffrey Neilson

40’ x 10' x 25’
RoseBrand Organdy Scrim
Single Channel Video Projection
4.2 Audio
3 Part a/v Activation
PRAVA, Rockville Maryland
February 2015