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SAMO is excited to announce that their next project is an installation based off of Glitche titled "Lumina". The piece is commissioned by the Worcester, MA Art Museum, co-designed with Vanessa Hooper, and produced by Studio HHH and LuminArtz. The piece invites the viewer to immerse themselves into a selection of WAM's iconic works of art that are displayed through projected light in a volumetric fabric landscape.  This notion takes on the idea of the body entering the canvas, allowing it to navigate through a work of art with a new lens and multiple senses. The animated works of art will include Wassily Kandinsky, Daniel Seghers, and others.

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Nightworks Episode 7
to Jul 29

Nightworks Episode 7

Nightworks Episode 7 featuring:

God Damn Chan
Ment Plus
Rilla Force
Self Serv
Sloe Rise

+Resident DJ Manipulator
Hosted by Kadeem
Visuals by Samo

Art Installation by 1PERCENT Gallery
“TriMe” Interactive Experience by Dynamic Phil

Sponsored by Mass Apparel
The Vibrary Records & Tapes

338 Newbury Street (3rd Floor)
​​​​​​​Boston, MA 02115


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Glitche at Installation Space
to Jul 15

Glitche at Installation Space

"Glitche" derives from the idea of a glitch, error, and unexpected malfunction in a system. The common challenge of encountering an error in life is something to learn from, it applies an individuals previous "data" to mosh with the new error "data" of life. This piece is a bridge to the metaphor of your body and mind suddenly encountering a malfunction or problem in it's own existence. The outcome of the two separate data systems is what fuels the immersive installation, it may be a positive new discovery or a disastrous end of life. This interaction is delicate, mysterious, exciting and drives the linear journey of "Glitche”.

Installation Space Gallery Hours are:
Fridays 4PM-8PM
Saturdays 10AM-6PM
Sundays 10AM-4PM

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