Eye Shadow

"Eye Shadow" is a self portrait of Samo. Through his experience at Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Samo was able to experiment with many types of digital mediums in the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM). His journey was a struggle, not being able to find a medium that resonated with himself until he discovered light with digital video projection.

The majority of his class time at MassArt was spent in the Pozen Center of SIM with his peer artists. He wanted to leave an ephemeral mark on the space he was most intimate with on the campus. "Eye Shadow" is that mark of light that tells a story of an individual in hopes of guiding others to use the Pozen Center to find themselves and what they love to do through their artistic practice.

Spring 2014

Eye Shadow was activated for the Studio for Interrelated Media's 2014 All School Show at Mass College of Art & Design.

"Eye Shadow"
3 Channel Video Projector
5.2 Channel Audio
4:55 Minute Linear Loop
Pozen Center | Mass College of Art & Design
March 2014