Photo by  Mary Nguyen

Photo by Mary Nguyen

"Seraah is a Boston based electronic musician, singer/songwriter, performance artist crafting an emotive amalgamation of soundscapes inspired by jazz, post punk, noise, alt rock, as well as experimental electronic music. In 2018 they self-released Chrome Tears a brooding 7 track EP that situates itself in radical catharsis. His work and creative process is rooted in metamorphoses through  melancholia, resting in-between the subtle spaces of life, death, and rebirth."

SAMO has been working with SERAAH creating visuals for live performances and technical directing productions to help tell the stories of their art. The most recent project was the Chrome Tears Pre-Release Show at The Dance Complex in Central Square, Cambridge. The stage design was composed of a 24'x8' projection canvas wall, 2 channel video projection, and 6 channel LED stage lighting. The animation approach was in collaboration with SERAAH, creating metaphors for the charging performances that placed both SERAAH and audience into an immersive environment that encompassed performance.

Stage Design
Technical Direction

Boston, MA

Exerpts of Visuals