this is what hope sounds like


SAMO worked with Transition House and Masary Studios to create an installation telling the story of the misfortunes and  hope through domestic violence. Using Sound Sculpture as a projection canvas and lighting element SAMO created a visual score that highlighted particular stories from TH's 40 stories series. Each Cube revealed  an  individual face of the voices that came together in unison creating  a community that supports each other at Transition House. The piece was able to be viewed at Transition House's annual fundraiser and helped launch their new fundraiser program.

Before and after the reveal of the scored piece, loopable states were created for the sculpture to rest in, allowing the form to breath and conduse energy that led up to the activation and visual enrgy that left an ephemeral mark.

3D Animation
Visual Score
Projection Mapping
Video Operation

Sound by Ian Coss
Sound Creative Director Sandy Goldberg

Massachusetts Instituate of Technology, Cambridge