Waking the monster

"A cohort of New England­-based musicians, composers, and visual artists transformed Boston’s iconic “Green Monster” into a giant percussion instrument. This live, interactive concert features 15 percussionists strapped, tethered, and suspended as high as three stories while “playing” and climbing on Fenway Park’s steel girders. The six original works will exploit the unique acoustic tones that this famous structure provides. Every percussive strike will activate sound­-reactive lighting and visual projection, sonically and visually enlivening the landmark, making “Waking the Monster” a singularly Boston experience." - Illuminus

SAMO collaborated with sound artists Ryan Edwards and Maria Finkelmeier to transform a piece of rigged architecture into a personified monster and literal sonic / visual instrument for Boston's Illuminus on Lansdowne Street. SAMO worked with a 3D model to create site specific animations that were midi driven in real time by the percussion strikes of 8 performers. The visual story emulated the emotions and rhythm of each composition within the monster's arc to create a site specific activation of curiosity and mystery to the public eye.

3D Animation
Projection Mapping

Live Video Performance
Technical Direction

Project Managers: 
Dan Sternof Beyer -  New American Public Art
Jeff Grantz - 

The Green Monster, Fenway Park, Boston

"Waking The Monster"
160' x 60' x 12'
6 Channel Video Projection
Linear A / V Site specific performance.
Green Monster Fenway Park: Lansdowne Street
October 2015

Photos by Aram Boghosian